What is Civil?

What is the Civil Construction industry?

The roads we use, the foundations of our buildings, structures and houses, our footpaths and bridges all exist due to Civil works.

​Every time you drink a glass of water, turn on a light, or use pipeline gas, travel on roads, rail or by air, you depend upon civil and infrastructure projects that have been built by the Civil Construction Industry.

The civil construction industry, the work it undertakes and its workers are critical.

“Construction” means we are involved in building things…normally very big things. The “Civil” word relates to the fact that most of our work is funded by governments – about 70% of it. Many in the industry just do private work, like land development, but for most, it’s about public infrastructure.

What type of work is involved ?

Every time you go anywhere by road, rail, plane or boat, you use infrastructure built by the civil construction industry. Every time you go to a hospital, drink a glass of water, turn on a light or use gas, you depend on projects constructed by the civil construction industry. Every time it rains, whenever you use the bathroom, or whenever it floods, you are using civil infrastructure systems.

Civil infrastructure keeps our cities, towns, and homes functioning. Nearly every town in Australia has civil contractors working quietly. Civil infrastructure ensures that our people, streets, park lands and public areas are kept healthy and clean.

Whatever is required by the community to make life easier and safer… the civil construction industry provides these resources.

Why work in the Civil Construction Industry​ ?

If you want a motivating career that provides the rewards of job satisfaction, excellent income potential, working with teams of people, plus further opportunities for professional advancement, then civil construction absolutely should be your career of choice.

Whether you enjoy working outdoors operating state-of-the-art equipment, planning and designing infrastructure projects, or jobs where caring for the environment is important, then the civil construction industry has a career path and job options to take you there.

It doesn’t matter where you begin, you can always advance your career in this industry.

Jobs in the Civil Construction industry

There are a wide variety of careers available in the industry and these include:

  • Civil workers
  • Plant Operators
  • Pipe layers
  • Road Markers
  • Dump truck operators
  • Project managers
  • Traffic management
  • Compactors
  • Loaders
  • Construction managers
  • Steel fixers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Supervisors
  • Surveyor
  • Quality Control
  • Safety
  • Administration
  • Contracts Management


Apprenticeship Pathways